Piano HeadBoard Project
This is the front of an old upright piano a friend gave me. It had been sitting in our garage for a few years. I almost threw it away last fall.

I was doodling some ideas for building a headbaord when I thought about this old piece...
The center part of this piece tipped out or was kept closed. So I had to remove the old hinges and put on some pieces to keep it permanently closed
This is a Kreg Jig.
It's used to do "pocket hole joinery."

It's a great way to join wood creating very strong joints and not having to wait for things to dry.

Bought it at Lowes.
Here you can see the holes it drills.

These are 1"x4" hardwood pieces I used to make the sides of the headboard.
You can see here how the pocket holes allowed me to fasten these pieces while keeping the holes on the inside where no one will see them.

This is one side.
Here are the 2 sides.

I will attach the piano front to the front of these 2 pieces with glue and screws from the back side.
I have attached the piano piece to the 2 side pieces.

I left a 3" reveal on the outside of the headboard. I'll put some trim over this later.
I attached a 1" x 8" piece of hardwood to make a top.

Then trimmed it out with some molding and a nail gun.
I attached some 1" thick pieces below the piano front.

The pillows and bedding will come to the bottom of the piano piece, so the wood below doesn't need to be sexy.
Putty up the nail holes and give it a light hand sand.
Give it one coat of primer. Then several coats of semi gloss white to cover up the dark piano piece.

Gotta love paint ;-)

This is simply a 3" fluted door jam I bought that mimics the flutes on the piano piece.
These are the bottoms of the 2 side pieces.

I beefed them up to add stability and also this is where the bed frame will attach to the headboard.

(If you're going to butcher part of your project like I did here--it's always good if it's a section that no one will see...)
From the back you can see how hollow this is. From the front it looks thick and beefy, but it's actually not as heavy as it looks.
Two carriage bolts per side will attach the frame to the headboard.

Got some nice large washers and lock nuts for the back side.
Get some good help to ratchet down the nuts tight on the back side.
Here you see how just the fancy piano piece is visable once it's all together.
I think we had a little over $100 in this project.

We're thrilled with how it turned out---just love it!

Good night...