Until 2000 or so, I considered myself craftsmanship-challenged. Trust me, there's no Norm Abrahm stuff on this page; but I am proud of it and I find the process (dare I say) therapeutic.
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The more stuff I do the more I enjoy the creative process of it--the creativity comes in trying to figure out how to do something that looks cool & is functional based on my limited skill & knowledge.

I also realize that a lot of my job (and a lot about LIFE) is very intangible and hard to control. But shop projects are more tangible--you can get your hands on them--shape them, alter them. 

It also focuses my mind off of all the other stuff of life and onto the project at hand. I think the combination of these two things is what brings the "therapy" to the shop for me.

Use this simple chart to know the actual dimension of lumber: