butcher block wine rack cart
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The Problem: The island is the closest table top surface to the fridge
The Solution: A counter space next to the fridge

This wasn't a build, just a customizing of an unfinished piece.  Sandra & I picked this up at IKEA in Chicago when we were there Nov. '03.  I simply painted to match our kitchen colors prior to assembling. I also stained the top and clear-coated the whole piece. (We used clear coat on the top as we don't plan to use it for chopping, simply as a table top.) I added some chrome hooks to hold dish towels and "voila!"

For the record, I found the IKEA "assemble-it-yourself" kit the BEST of any kit I've assembled. It's well-made, easy to follow, and very sturdy. "Two thumbs way up."

estimated cost:
cart $50
2 hooks $4
clear spray $5
already had paint & stain

This is as it comes--totally unfinished.
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