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the utensil caddy
the problem: an over-crowded dilapidated soup tureen mascarading as a utensil holder

the solution: build a utensil caddy that fits snug to the backspash with more room for  Sandra's MANY utensils & takes up less counter space.
"Plan your work, then work your plan," some wise person told me many moons ago.  My plans are more like guidelines; subject to tweaks along the way.
(A graph paper notebook is very handy.)
Some leftover MDF from "the art project" will work just fine.
I cut the main pieces with the table saw, then cut to exact length with the Bosch mitre saw.

(As the red arrows point out) I used the router to give the edges a little round-over detail. It was the first time I used the router--very cool tool!
Some wood glue, drywall screws, nails and clamps...

I cut some grooves on the inside of the front piece to hold some dividers. I had planned to put them on the back too, but I got ahead of myself & forgot ;-(

A man can't have too many clamps!
Add some paint & clear coat...put in the dividers...
A couple things that I really like are:
1. The notch in the back that allows it to sit on the backsplash & fit snug to the
   wall---I think this detail makes it look more like a custom piece than just a box
   sitting on the counter.
2. The round-over routered details. It's simple, but I like how it gives it a more
professional & custom look.

The arrow points out a mistake that turned into a "plus." I actually built the bottom incorrectly based on my plans. This made the front piece sit too low. Instead of making an enirely new taller front piece, I decided to round-over the side pieces with the jig saw. It was a "mistake" but I like this better than the original design. I am really pleased with how this turned out.  I made that????

Anyone need an old beat-up soup tureen?

total price: $7.00 for a quart of paint

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