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upstairs bathroom makeover April-May '07
Ok so the "before" pic looks even more ugly with my tools lying about. Best we could tell this bath was last overhauled sometime in the 1950's. It had ample amounts of "lovely" pink tile over the walls and in the entire shower.
You never know what you're going to get into when you start pulling things apart in an old house...
That's Quentin on "Day 1--DEMOLITION!" It seemed like we hauled TONS of tile and old concrete out.
You can see in the pic on the right the interior of a closet that was part of the guest bedroom. We planned to demo the closet and use that space for the new & improved bathroom.
Here we see the footprint of where the closet was. Also here we see where the shower was. The pic to the right is the same general space >>>
The ceiling had to be opened up and a new bulkhead installed. The black in this picture is the door opening from the guest bedroom into the closet. (covered w/plastic to keep down the mess in the guest bedroom.)
Underneath every toilet is one of these: a toilet flange. The floor around the toilet had always been a little "spongy." Turns out there was only decking around it--no real supports.

We shored it up substantially with new 2 x 4s.

The working title for this flange was the
"Albert Poo Hole."

Turns out the entire floor needed to come up (oh boy...).

Here we see the new water lines and drain for the new shower (lower right). Q did a great job working and sweating the copper.

We put 2 x 4s over the floor joists to get the floor to the heigth we needed.
It was good to get decking down on floor joists. The open area is the general footprint of the shower.
Myles & Q help get the shower in place. Q is standing in front of what will be a new wall that holds the water lines for the shower. The finished wall is below.
Basically the new shower is where the old closet was.
The old shower was in the empty space shown above; I will put some towel rack(s) & some storage in this area.

Myles did a great job laying & grouting the tile as I played "cut boy" to the wet saw setup in our driveway.
No more tiled shower! This 4-piece heavy duty surround is low maintenance & looks great. The base is anchored & leveled with 2 bags of concrete so it feels literally rock solid and isn't going anywhere. 

In the pic on the right you can see the new bulkhead that goes across the whole room. (the color in the left pic is more accurate than the one on the right.)
The wainscot (bead board) really worked well in two ways. First, we liked the look of the cottage-style bathroom. Secondly, it covered the hideous walls after we removed the tiles---the tiles were just a little shorter than the wainscot.
All of the fixtures (cabinet, mirror, lights, toilet, vanity, shower, faucets) were purchased at Lowes. The tile is from Menards.
This is our small spare bedroom.  There used to be a door to a closet just to the right of the picture.

Now that we removed the door and filled it in with drywall, it allows us to move the bed under the window giving the room much more usable space. (left pic)

The bathroom makeover made both rooms more efficient.   (This room has another closet larger than the one we removed.)
the "G-MEN"
Mike Garro   Myles Geary   Quentin Gurney
There is NO WAY I could have gotten this done without these great & committed friends. I cannot imagine how many hours are represented by the three of them.

Mike brought his decades of electrician skills to install new fixtures, add new electrical runs, and add outlets in addition to adding great sarcastic poitical commentary.

Myles helped with the overall concept and was huge in getting the new subfloor down, setting the shower, building the new wall, tiling, rerouting a new drain, loaning tons of invaluable tools and laughing at the "Albert Poo Hole" joke every time.

The infamous Q was there from the first blow of the sledge on day 1 to the final touches of switch plates and smoothing caulk and EVERYTHING in between. He also helped w/the overall concept and was huge in putting in new water lines. His commitment to me during these two months was awe-inspring.

You guys rock & I love you!

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Going with a smaller vanity really helped open up this small space.
This vanity has a toe kick drawer at the bottom giving it a surprising amount of storage for its size.
Here is the new ceiling >