snare drum re-covering project
a Mapex 3' x 13' maple piccolo snare drum circa 1992.

why recover?

It's a little boring. Looks a bit dull next to the Platinum Mist finish on my Pearl Masters kit.

And after a while you just need a change.
First, remove all the hardware & sand down the smooth surface.

The hardest thing to find was 3M Fastbond contact cement, 30 NF, Neutral. I found it at Grainger stores It does work great.

I ordered the wrap at Precision Drum Co. All instructions are on their site & come w/the wrap. Great co. to deal with!
I screwed this piece of scrap wood to the work bench as a "stop."

After I glued the shell (2x) and the wrap (1x) AND LET DRY,

I laid the wrap flat on the bench parallel against the stop.

Then placed the drum on the wrap careful to keep both against the stop to ensure an even wrap.

This glue does NOT allow for pulling off it you're crooked--you have ONE shot it this!
This was the badge that was on the exterior of the shell.

Since it authenticates the brand, model & serial number I decided to relocate it inside the shell with some super glue.

Carefully drill through the wrap where the lug mounting holes are.

Do some trimming of the wrap around the bearing edges.

Reattach hardware & assemble drum.
classic silver sparkle wrap
the benjamins:

$20 for wrap ($13 wrap, $7 shipping)
$20 for quart of cement (of which I used very little)

Not too bad for making a drum look brand new again ;-)