Super-Simple Cabinet Uplighting
This was a 1 hour and $20 simple DIY project using rope lighting found at any home center.

(The lighting looks more dramatic in this pic because I turned off all the other lights in the kitchen. With the lights on, it blends in very nicely.)

Here's all you need:

  • 12' of Rope Lighting $20
  • Drill with 1 1/2" bit
  • Step ladder

Here's the make or break part of this job: access to an elctrical plug.

Fortunately there was an outlet in the cabinet above the microwave.

Drill an access hole in the shelf and through the top of the cabinet and you're almost done.

(I may have spent more time removing the contents of the cabinet and putting them back than the whole rest of the project.)
Rope light comes in 6, 12 & 20+ feet lengths. You can also connect multiples together.

I went with LED since they will last "forever" and will draw only minimal electricity.

This brand offered a "warm-white" product. They did not lie -- installed I would never guess they are LED. They have a warm glow like a traditional light bulb.

12' for $20

They come with a cord that's a few feet long or so, before you get to the rope lights.

Plug them in, run them up to the top of the cabinet. Lay the rope lights out as you wish. It comes with clips that attach to the rope. I stapled a few in place to keep the rope flat and unseen.

Very simple.

Add some objects to catch the light. Some colored water in some glass container has a nice effect. Below is a shot in the late afternoon; you can see the warm non-typical LED glow.