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the Potting Cart July '07
the problem: flower pots & planting stuff loose in the garage

the solution: make a potting cart to hold all the stuff and allow Sandra to pot outside

the plan: make it out of odds & ends in the garage & basement.
                   Spent $5 on a hand rail to act as an axle & a little dowel to hold the wheels on.
    All materials & paint were misc. "leftovers"

            Scrounging for parts:
some old beat-up 2x6s...
some 4x4 posts a friend rescued from the trash...
old sheet of plywood...
(Slater's bat collection was not used ;-)
take apart of an old spool...
some legs Sandra rescued from the curb...
framing the cart & figuring where the wheels will go
           mocked up & ready for paint...                                                                                  a coat of primer...
Sandra in her element...

potting plants outdoors with her new cart & greenhouse in the background ;-)

When she's done, just wheel it back to its parking spot in the garage.
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Here's a smaller one I made for a production at a local elementary school. The "roof" is tall to allow the kids to be seen behind the cart.

The ornamental detail (close-up below) on the middle of the wheel is actually functional; it beefs up the wheel so its more stable on the axle & less wobbily. The wheels were from a 2-tiered round table that was scavenged. 

Total cost = $25 for the two table legs. Everyhing else was leftovers from previous projects. The cast & crew will paint it at the school.