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Bass Drum Muffling Tip
I need a fairly focused, yet full bass drum sound that is close-mic'd with an AKG D112.  I have used a "Dead Ringer" in the past on the batter head with good result.  Most recently, I decided to stop in the handy home improvement center & picked up some weather stripping with self-adhesive backing.  I snagged 10 feet of 3/4 inch foam & stuck it to the perimeter of the inside of  the batter head as to touch the shell of the drum.  I did a similar thing with the front head, only  about 2 inches in from the edge of the head (I did this without the head being mounted to the drum--the res. head also has a 6" hole in it).  With both heads, the foam makes a complete circle.

VOILA!  Great kick drum sound with no "laundry" lying inside the drum, and all for about $3.00 !!!
weather stripping installed