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jazz shadowbox
Knowing Sandra & I like a good jazz tune better than the next guy, some good friends of ours got us this metal sculpture as a Christmas gift to go on the wall in our den.
it's about 3 feet wide by a foot-&-a half high
As we held it up to the wall it seemed like it needed something... We liked it, but we wanted to like it more... So I decided to put make a shadow box for it.  A black box with dark eggplant background to tie in to our mustard and eggplant den.
first, make a box & paint it.
I bought some simple chair rail & cut it to make a frame that would sit on the box. "Q" helped me use his bisquit cutter to join the frame together. (1st time using that groovy tool)

Then I simply nailed it to the box, predrilling to eliminate splitting the frame.
I mounted a little 10" wide light up under the frame at the top.

The box is about 3" deep; the musicians sit about an inch off the background. There's maybe $20-$30  in this project. Except for the biscuit cutter, there were no fancy tools used. Mitre saw, cordless drill/screwdriver, nails, paint, putty.

Here's how it looks with the light on in a dim room...
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