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baseball hat rack
Rip piece of wood on the table saw from an old cabinet door I had laying around.
Slater's baseball hats seems to pile up everywhere.

Time to make a hat rack for his sport-themed bedroom.
Drill holes. Countersink them on the back so the wood will be flush against the wall.

3" screws will go through the back & anchor into the baseballs.
Round-over the sides with a router.
We see the 3" screw coming from the back to the front.

I used a scrap piece of PVC to make spacers so the baseballs would sit away from the board---holding the hats better.
The finished mounted baseball, or "hat hook."

Drilled two holes in the front & counter sinked them. These will hold this to the wall.

Painted with same paint that's on the wall.

Drill a pilot hole in each baseball with a drill press.
Put a couple anchors in the wall & attach with 2 - 2" screws.

Grab a Q-tip & dab a little paint over the screw heads.
The only money I have in this is the $12 for a bag of cheap baseballs.