Advice for Drummers by Gene Krupa
(my comments added in parenthesis)

1. Assure yourself that you have a good sense of rhythm and a beat, or all the practice and study in the world won't help you.

2. Get a fairly good set, particularly a good snare drum, to start.

3. Take enough lessons to get those rudiments cold.

4. Keep listening to records and watching other drummers.

5. Pay particular attention to your roll and hi-hat technique as these are used most in dance drumming (all  music).

6. Watch your dynamics---you must be able to go from soft to loud and vice versa easily (while maintaining tempo).

7. Work for taste---a good drummer pushes the band and plays behind soloists.

8. Concentrate on keeping tempo with a good beat at first. Forget solos until you have technique and ideas enough to play a good one.

9. Practice constantly and play when and whenever you get a chance.

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