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easy Floating Shelves
I saw this idea in my monthly Family Handyman magazine. They're simple and don't take much money or time to put together.
one 1" x 4" (8' long)
two 1" x 2"

Here is the shelf with just an "end" on it.

Cut the lumber to length with a miter saw.

I made these shelves aprox 31" long. but you can make them whatever length you need.

I borrowed my friend Dan's brad nailer to assemble the shelf with some wood glue.

(I've got to get one those---very handy!)

As this pic shows the 1' x 2' serves as a railing for the shelf.

This is how they will go on the wall with the metal bracket being flush to the wall.

Simple corner brackets attach each end ot the shelf to the wall.

I used plastic anchors in the drywall to make sure the shelves stayed on the walls ;-)
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Simple sanding on the corners to round them off.
Add your paint color of choice.

Use a small level on the shelf & attach to the wall with a cordless drill.
Simple. Inexpensive. Functional.
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