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DVD Tchotchke choch'-key:  knickknack, trinket
the problem: storing DVDs without everyone looking at your DVDs

solution: build a little chest to store them in that's adds a design feature to the room

I notice when I walk around places like Pier 1 Imports or World Market I see these little brown trunk-like things sitting around the store that look cool. That kind of tchotchke-type piece was the inspiration.
I started with some scrap 3/8 inch plywood I had lying around. I set out to make a box.
Wood glue & nails hold it together. Just plain butt joints (quit snickering...)
As I've said before, "A man can't have enough clamps!"

Here, I'm glueing a thin piece of plywood to the frame of the lid to be the top. Again, just scrap plywood.

Wood glue & clamps can change the world...
Holy cow--'tis looking somewhat like a box!

The handles & hinges you'll see later came off some old shelves we took down in the basement. FREE.

I later applied some Mahogany stain I had lying around.
This is one of my favorite parts... I had a trim piece in mind, but I was too cheap & too lazy to go to Lowes to buy it.

So, I grabbed a piece of scrap & ripped it lengthwise on the table saw to get the thickness I wanted.

Then I ran it over the table saw to cut 45 degree angles on either side.

I later rounded over those hard angles with a palm sander to give it a smooth appearance & achieve the trim piece I wanted in the first place.
I then cut the trim piece on the mitre saw to "wrap" around the box, giving it an old trunk look.

To "distress" it, I took a hammer, a screw driver & a pry bar and began beating the snot out of it--it was good therapy too...

It was just too clean & new looking the way it was shaping up.


The only cost: $1.97 at Lowes for the brass knob on the front of the lid.

You can see the distressed marks now.

I wiped on some black paint with a towel on the trim pieces.

It has a couple coats of poly on the whole thing.

But where are the DVDs??
I know it doesn't hold a lot of DVDs--that's kind of the idea.

With this design, I can make other similar trunks, or treasure chests that are each unique to be little accent pieces around the living room.

Who says all your DVDs have to be in one place?
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