morgan's "419" kit    click here for the Gretsch kit
Pearl Masters Series "studio" 
100% birch in "platinum mist" 
A.   8 x 10" tom
B.   9 x 12" tom
C. 16 x 20" (no hole or 6")
D.  4.5 x 14 matching birch Pearl snare*
E. 12 x 14" mounted floor tom
* or Gretsch "chrome over brass" snare

1. LP cowbell
2. 14" hats- K Custom dark top, Paiste Trad. bottom
3. 8" A  Zildjian splash
4. 18" K Custum Zildjian dark crash
5. 10" A  Zildjian splash
6. 20" K  Zildjian Ride or 20" Sabian HH med
7. 19" K Zildjian dark thin crash
8. (none typically)

For jazzier settings:
-- 21" Istanbul Mel Lewis ride w/2 rivets

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* rim & mounts overhaul:

I wasn't happy with the sound of the toms no 
matter what the head combo.

So I ditched the cast rims & Pearl mounts
that came on them & went with flanged
hoops & Cannon Suspendrz (old RIMS) 
mounts.  GREAT SOUND! Worth the money
for the swap.

The cast hoops add a lot of weight & mass to the drum. The flanged hoops are lighter & allow the toms to sing more.

IMHO the design of the Suspenderz really allows the shell to be suspended without adding shell pressure; the Pearl mounts on just 2 tension rods on the batter side while the Suspenderz uses 4.

I also like how the Suspenderz allows for easy mic attachment without getting on the shell.

And lastly the Suspenderz is visually more attractive to my eye, not getting in the way of the shell.

in w/the Cannon Suspenderz >
out w/the Pearl Optimount
-- Vic Firth Weckl Evolution
-- Vic Firth maples for lighter work.
-- Regal "Whiskers" brushes
-- Vic Firth "Rutes" (dowels)
-- Mike Balter mallets

snare = Evans Power Center Reverse or Remo Ambassader
10" = Evans G1 or Remo Amb. & Remo Diplomat res.
12" & 14" = G2 or Remo Emperor & Ambassador
kick batter = Evans EMAD w/wide strip           
kick res. = double ply logo head (no other dampening material)
(click for a cheap bass drum tip)

(for jazz gigs, the Pearl kick with solid res.
head sounded killer out of the box, 
no muffling !)

First--about ""

I'm no hand drum expert but I have played a few hand drums over the years and the ones made by Shorty Palmer are far and away the highest quality I've played. 

The shells are from Africa and his work on them is impressive--the pictures on the site don't do them justice. His heads and mounting are A+. 

I played a bougarabou* with a head with hair on it and the drum was phenominal----the kind of drum I wish I owned. Also played one of Shorty's djembes with a band & it just sang--great lows and sweet highs. 

Ok enough--go to

Shorty Palmer lacing up a bougarabou on myspace

< This is a *bougarabou
rhymes with "cook a the stew"

Some call it a "bass djembe" or "African conga." I call it very mellow and easy to play & listen to---or the djembe's mellow cousin ;-)

Notice how the bougarabou has a longer "bowl" and shorter "pedestal" than the djembe on the right.