drum gallery
from Mapex to "Gretsch"

Believe it or not, this was a black Mapex 10" x 10" power tom. (like blue inset picture)

I cut down the shell. Filled the lug holes. Re-wrapped with "White Satin Flame" from
Precision Drum Co. Redrilled the holes to fit Gretsch lugs.

I had an old Gretsch tom (that was in poor shape) and removed its lugs and badge to transplant onto this tom.
Top left - Slater about 2 goofing around on the Peavey solid block snare & Tama kit.

upper right - the church's Tama Swingstar kit I played for years. Swingstars are indestructable.

right - Slingerlands circa '83--my first BRAND NEW kit! I had a serious (pre-pop) Phil Collins & Chester Thompson thing going.

Most kids' first loan was for a set of "wheels"--mine was for THESE!  ($1500+ over 12 months--that was a lot of Big Macs!)

I will always remember the day I brought these home and played "In the Air Tonight" with the tape.

Special thanks to close friend George M. for helping me obtain my first loan!

That was my first 5-piece kit--Taiwanese,  bought second hand for $200.

I was about 14 or 15 yrs old.  Yes you caught me in one of my most awkward stages.

That's my late dad on bass.  It was my first "legit" paying gig.  We played a Cole Porter revue at the Black Curtain Dinner Theater in Indy.

To this day I know more C. Porer tunes than anyone my age.  That was also my dad's last gig he ever played & the only one we played together...

I met my best friend in high school, Ray Porter, as his mom was singing in the show. She and her husband later led me to Christ. Who'd have thought that gig in Indy leads to finding Christ in Chula Vista CA...

(I never realized all the significances of that gig until right now typing ths caption.)

My vintage round-badge Gretsch kit in white satin flames...

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This is my main kit--Pearl Masters Studio
in Platinum Mist.

16 x 20 kick drum
8 x 10 tom
9 x 12 tom
12 x 14 mounted floor
5 1/2 x 14 matching snare or Gretsch chrome over brass

14 K custom top HH
14 Paiste Traditionals bottom HH

18 K Custom dark crash & 19 K Dark Thin crash
8 & 10 Zildjian splashes
20 K Zildjian Ride

Gretsch model 4157 snare drum in
white satin flame.
1960s era. It matches the Gretsch kit above.

I don't really like the wood shell Gretsch snares so this sits in a case most of the time. They sound a bit too "boxy" for my taste. I like a more articulate snare drum.
1983 Slingerland 12 lug 8" x 14" snare drum. Brass shell. Gold laquered rims and hardware. Parallel snares.

In the early 80's deep snares were all the rage.

It's too dry to sound good with a kit. Also since I like to sit fairly low, the 8" drum makes it difficult.

It's a phenominal rudimental drum. Crank it up and play your favorite Mitch Marcovitch solo. (That would be Stamina.)
Ludwig 1976 Vistalite 10-lug snare. This drum sounds great! Coated single ply on these drums is the way to go. Click here to see the before and after pictures.