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Den Overhaul     July '09
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           Lighten the room. Create more room for books. Switch out the desk and flooring. Make it an inviting room to be in versus the catch-all it had become.

In the before picture above note:
1. Odd piece of molding on the right wall.
2. No crown molding

Still to do:
Add some pictures to the walls. A large one above the desk and smaller ones above the coach. Nicely arrange the bookshelves. And replace the couch!
Paint ceiling a very pale version of the wall color.

Hang a new light that ties into the new black accent color.
So long "UFO" light!
New creamy warm yellow wall.
Great help painting all the new trim.
Great help painting all the new trim.
Our 90 year old floor had become a little squeaky & soft in spots. So we screwed down 3/4" 4x8' sheets of decking to shore it up. It now better meets the kitchen floor that was built up to support tile.

Carpet Tip:

In a 10x12 room, shop for remnants at the flooring store. This is a commercial grade glue-down that we got for about $2 per sqare foot installed and has a 10 year warranty.

the new desk project
A few months ago, Sandra dragged home an old solid six-panel door someone was throwing away.

We thought if we bought some furniture-grade cabinets, we could make our own desk.

The cost of the desk was the 2 cabinets, a piece of glass (Kokomo Glass), $10 keyboard tray from Ikea & some glass gems from the dollar store.
I cut down the width and length to our preferred desktop size.
Attached a straight edge to get a good clean cut.
Add some simple trim to the door for a finished look.
(Nail gun: one of the handiest tools on this remodel!)
The cabinet on the right is a 2-door file drawer.
The left cabinet was taller, so I simply cut down its feet by an inch.

I cut out the back of the cabinet to accommodate our computer.

With the weight of the door + the weight of the glass top, it simply sits on the cabinets--it's not going anywhere.
With a project like this, it's very important to take time to dance. It's good for the soul and makes your kids laugh. Just listen to The Cat by Jimmy Smith and see if you can keep from dancing...
need some bookcases
These are made from 12" width melamine (a plastic coated shelf material---very durable for books sliding on & off shelves. Also comes in white).
They are 8' tall and about 3' wide. We paid aprox $250 for material to build both bookcases.
Attached shelf hardware to the sides.
Make a box & square it up. With a large piece like this, assemble it IN the room.
Attaching an 1/8" back to the cabinet gives it strength to hold its shape.
Set in place. And with an old house like ours, shim the heck out of it!
Now choose the trim of your choice and attach with your handy nail gun.

Tip: choose trim that fits with the rest of your room.

We also added ceiling molding to the room. Caulking & touch-up paint cover a multitude of sin ;-)
Notice how using an 8' wide piece of molding at the bottom gives the illusion of a solid wood base.

Also gives somewhat of a "built-in" look.
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