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cabinet makeover
This project was for my good friend, Stan. He was updating his kitchen before putting his house on the market.

He had really nice oak cabinets and wondered if we could take out the outdated basketweave insert & replace it with a contemorary stylish glass piece.
At this point I'd already taken out most of the basketweave insert--that's why you only see part of it here.

My plan: rout out the back leaving a rectangle in which to place the glass.
This is the back of the door.

The pencil line indicates how far I planned to rout.
This was my first serious router project (don't tell Stan!).

The light colored wood to the right of the router is a jig that I screwed into the workbench.

I laid each side of the cabinet door along the jig and held it in place by clamping it to the workbench.

I put an old towel down on the workbenchch to protect the cabinet door faces.
After I made the four router cuts with a small router bit, I then went in and cut the rest out with a larger router bit...
...And this is what it looked like after that.

Next, I smoothed some spots with a Dremel tool and then some sandpaper.

Ready for glass...
Stan did a great job of choosing the right glass & installing it.

His kitchen definitely looks updated, clean and contemporary.

I was very impressed with his finished design!

The cost to rout out the cabinet doors?

$15 for a new router bit. A day of work and they were ready for glass.
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