Built-in Bed
We were overdue to put a bed in our guest bedroom that might actually make our guests feel welcome--and comfortable. The old shabby twin had a mattress with all the back support of a hammock.

Given that our guest room is small, I opted to make a built-in bed rather than purchase one. I thought it might look better and save a little dough. We had the cost of box springs, mattress and less than $99 in supplies to make it.
Since it's a built-in, one of the pluses is that the walls can serve as part of the frame.

So I simply cut some 2x6s and screwed them to each other & into the wall. (Actually to the wall first, then afix another 2x6)

They will serve as supports for the wooden deck that will hold the box springs.

TIP: Be sure to mark the wall so you'll know where these are after they're covered up. Then you can screw the deck onto them.
Since the walls are 3 sides of the bed frame, I only need to create one side. I made it from 2 2x4s.

I attached them to the 2x6s that are screwed into the walls.

I also ran a 2x4 support across the middle as you see here.
I had a lot of bead board leftover from the Bathroom Makeover, but you could use about any wall covering you like.

Construction adhesive & a brad nailer will make short work of it.

I added a couple more supports. Screwed them right into the floor, toe-nail style.
Some 3/4 decking glued & screwed down to frame. Lots of screws--no one wants a creaky bed.
Some 3/4 decking covered with bead board & trim to make an attractive side.

It's screwed into the 2x4 side rails. Added L-brackets on both ends, tieing into wall.

I made the side wall tall enough to fully cover the box springs and about an inch up on the mattress--I wanted it tall enough to hold  the mattress in place.
This box will serve to fill the space at the foot of the bed. I covered the top with bead board so it ties in with the rest of the bed.

(reference: see first pic at top of page)
Pretty simple. Inexpenve. Comfortable. Custom.

Sweet dreams....