the problem:
Seeing over our 6 foot privacy fence to watch Slate's Little League games

the solution:
Build bleachers that allow you to see over the fence & comfortably watch the game.
One of the things we love about our house is that the South Side Little League field is right behind us.

It's like having a miniature Field of Dreams.
Everything starts with a rough plan. This one is pretty rough...I plan to tweak as I go.
Step 1 - talk Slater into building a
2 x 6 frame to be the foundation of the bleachers.
Nothing complicated in the construction:

- a circular saw (pictured)
- corded drill (need plenty of power to drill thru thick boards)
- galvanized screws
- 2 x 6 & 2 x 4 construction mostly
- paint
- tape measure
- speed square
Here are the main supports for the bench.

Filled in some supports within the frame to give it more strength & rigidity.

"Q" escaped the camera but stopped by to add to the structural integrity of the bleachers & lend a welcome hand.
Made a simple back  rest with 2x4's.

You can see the two large diagonal supports that anchor the three main supports together.

<<< Sandra added a beautiful touch by filling in the three "boxes" at the rear and planting flowers in them.
I put in the "floor" a few years ago. It served as a bench & a place to stand & watch games.

(You can still stand & lean on the shelf for the 7th inning stretch.)

I put in the foot rest (where Slate's feet are) since the heighth of the bench left one's feet dangling--NOT comfy.

Of course there's a little shelf there too to hold your ice cold lemonades and such...or the hibachi grill ;-)

I painted it to protect the wood from the elements.

I checked out the "mistake" area at Lowes and found a gallon of 15 yr exterior paint in a color that was close to the fence for only $5.00!

This is Slater''s first year playing in "the majors" for Norris Neher Insurance.

Now the whole family & a friend ot two can cheer him on in comfort and with a great view!

P L A Y   B A L L ! ! !

Bleachers! spring 2006
the signs...
I went out to the web & googled some sport script fonts until I found this FREE one I liked.

It's called "marcelle script"--I liked it because it has a distressed, worn look to it.

I laid it out to my liking with text boxes in Microsoft Word & printed it on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.
Use any copier & copy it to a transparency (available at any office supply store). This will NOT work w/most PC printers--it needs to be a copy machine.

Cut your sign out of plywood & paint it white. (Or have your neighbor drop off some pre-painted white plywood that he got for free.)

Borrow an overhead projector from a friendly school or church & trace with pencil onto painted plywood.
Start with a small brush outlining the letters. LAY THE PAINT ON HEAVILY so you'll only have to do this step one time.

Use a little larger brush working your way out.

Lastly use a big brush for the big spaces.

Use a HIGH QUALITY exterior paint as it will cover better with fewer coats.

This is NOT difficult, but it is TEDIOUS.
I love the "old school" baseball field charm of them.

Again, I am not a good painter, but with letters this large & an overhead projector, if you take your time it will turn out great.

I attached them with screws.

Take a Q-tip & dab paint over the screw heads to prevent them from rusting.
It's amazing what makes news here in the heartland ;-)

This appeared in the 5.17.06 Kokomo Perspective, which also weekly covers each Little League ballpark.