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bathroom model july 2004
When one owns an 80+ year old home repairs are par for the course. Welcome to our first bathroom remodel!
I'm sure this bathroom was the "bee's knees" 50 years ago, but it's seen its day...
The hardest part is just getting started...

The sink is gone & the john is not far behind.

We've NEVER taken on a remodel like this before. We are definitely "greenhorns."
I think it's interesting to see pieces of the house's history. Below are two layers of prior bathrooms. (some kind of linoleum) The two-tone was the oldest, on top of the tongue & groove floor boards.
There were several layers of old plywood & floor coverings to remove.

We found that the toilet flange (piece the toilet bolts down upon) was VERY old & needed replaced. (Enter plumber)

It turned out we needed to replace the entire waste pipe that ran from the flange to the basement floor (Enter shock on Sandra's face when the plumber told us how much it would cost.)

The good news is we have a new flange & plumbing that will last a long time. And that's good because we plan on being here a long time.

Due to some dampness from the old leaky commode, some of the tongue & groove floor boards needed to be cut out and replaced.

Here's the one-piece new subfloor installed. We first made a paper template, then transferred that to a thin sheet of plywood for template #2. We fine tuned it and then transferred it to the final piece of subfloor.

I really felt good about my competancy during this phase of the operation. It was one of those moments where I realized, "Huh. I guess I'm not a total schmoe..."

Ah, finally the tiling begins! We went with the "old school" 1 inch hexagons for that period look.

Coveniently they came on 1 foot x 2 foot sheets. Also the little tiles allowed us to trim them with tile nippers; no wet saw needed.
the floor & toilet are in...
Enter good friend "Samurai" George Roberts...

Without his help there's NO WAY I would have gotten this sink in given the fact that I have (what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah...) ZERO plumbling skills!

He saved the day. And we gained invaulable frequent buyer miles with our FOUR trips to Lowes ;-)
Yes it is cliche, but there is nothing like the feeling of doing it yourself. 

And although we had a fairly salty plumbing bill, between doing it ourself & George's invaluable help we still saved a ton of money.

Now all the room needs is some repainting and a little decorating....

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