(gulp...) the "art project"
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Ok, no snickering. I've never fancied my self an artist in the picture/paint/abstract kind of thing. And still don't. But there was:

the problem: Big wall space in need of some art.
the solution: make a big ol' art piece.

It kind of came in my head that I could perhaps cut some fairly square angles and paint within the lines enough to come up with a Piet Mondrian kind of piece.  These are Mondrian's:
And based on his work, here's what I came up with. I simply played around in Microsoft Word with squares & filled in the colors, experimenting until I got a design I liked:
I constructed it from a 4 x 8 sheet of 3/4" MDF w/birch exterior. I had the nice man at Lowes cut it in half & I used half of it (4' x 4') as the base. I cut the "panes" from the other half.
Step 1
Draw out the plan in pencil on the 4 x 4 sheet of MDF
Step 2
Cut out the panes and lay them out & check to see if I still like it. (Yes, I do--getting excited...)
Step 3
Add paint. I wanted some kind of texture to add to the blue & red fields. I decided go to a Jackson Pollock kind of splattering technique. I guess you could say it's a "Piet Pollock" inspired piece...
and "voila!"...
I think I'm realizing that being "creative" or "artistic" is not about being able to do incredibly complex, super-creative things; it's figuring out how I, with my limited ability, can get something done. I'm happy with our new art project. It's mine and there's not another like it. And it wasn't very expenside either!!

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