the "infamous" Archway
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the problem: Sandra didn't like our plain archway between the living & dining rooms
the solution: Sandra started building it herself while I was away for the weekend
the real solution: Dan D. & I undid Sandra's solution and started over ;-)

Sandra was a trooper for attempting it herself, but it was just too much for alone. And thruth is it was too much for me too! I enlisted the talents of friends Dan D. & Tim G. to pull this off.

It's "infamous" since it took quite a while to finish and was not exactly easy.

Dan & I made the outside of the arch from MDF. (MDF is a wood composite.)  It's actually 3 pieces in the living room & 3 pieces in the dining room: a top and two side pieces. The inside was then filled in with drywall mud. I tried a couple coats of mud before the pro, Tim, saved my bacon.

I had the top trim pieces custom made by a shop in Russiaville to tie-in with the trim over the other doorways in our home.

Here's the MDF in place with some of the mudding done & no trim pieces on top.
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