Philippians 4:19
"My God shall supply all my (drumsets) needs."

the story of the 419 kit

Just before Christmas 1999, my wife's friend went down to a local music store that was having a sale. Each customer picked a discount out of a box, the highest being 50%.  She picked out the 50%!  She asked if it could be used on more than one item. "Yes," they told her.  She quickly called Sandra to tell her to come down to see if there was anything Morgan would want.  It just so happened he had seen a new Pearl Masters series kit there a week or so before, that he just happened to describe to Sandra.  

It turned out the kit was already priced aprox. 30% off list and the final price would be half of that!  Sandra uncharacteristically made an impulse decision thinking there was no way even she could pass up a deal like this. 

So thanks to God and a lovely wife, Morgan got his "419" drumset for Christmas.  Sandra informed him he doesn't get another Christmas present until some time after 2010.

See the kit in the drum gallery.