1-legged foyer table
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The Problem: no light in our foyer.
Solution: an out-of-the-way table for a lamp

This was a simple 1-day, 1-legged project. I simply bought the pre-made round tabletop at Lowes and cut it to fit the corner. I then bought a pre-made straight leg and cut a taper on the bottom to add character.  I nailed & glued a small piece to the underside & screwed that piece to the wall. I originally planned to paint it opaque white, but good friend, Scot H, pointed out that after the first coat it allowed the woodgrain to peek through just enough to give it some personality. So no more paint, just clear coat to finish it.

The lamp was a find at Kokomo's Treasure Mart ( Great fun if you want to kill time looking for unique oldies.) on Vaile Ave. I rewired it since the old wiring was thin & brittle. Scot was with me and thought it unattractive. I solicited an unsuspecting fellow shopper's opinion and she deemed it, "interesting." I bought and left Sandra to be the final judge. Her verdict? "I love it!"

estimated cost:
table top $8
table leg $8
mounting bracket for leg $2
old lamp $30
rewiring supplies $3
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